Nassau Whisky

Offer now the original taste of Nassau Whisky. Order a try-out size of 50ml or a bottle of 750ml. You’ll love the deep amber gold color and the smooth taste!


deep amber gold


smooth, with limits of honey, malt and smoke


pleasantly long, persistent , slightly smoky

Our Whisky

NASSAU SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT German Whisky is handcrafted and manufactured in a very old German distillery which was founded in 1878. With NASSAU SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT German Whisky the distillery maintains the tradition of manufacturing handcrafted SINGLE MALT STRAIGHT WHISKY with great attention to detail. NASSAU SINGLE MALT has a smooth taste with limits of honey, malt and smoke.

About us

Once upon a time, there was a salesman from Germany and his partner in USA travelling through the USA from North to South and East coast to West coast to build up German brands in the USA market.

Once of these products was a nice and a Gin awarded with international awards. This Gin was offered to a nice and friendly buyer from a famous retail chains located in NY, PA and other states.

This buyer was listening to the story of the Gin and when presentation was ready he looked at the salesman from Germany and said: my German Gentleman, you have not done your homework yet in selling spirits in America, but I want to help you to understand more. The sales in his stores of Whisky is 15 times higher in the category of spirits than Gin, this you have to know. So if you bring me a German Single Malt Whisky, we also can talk about your Gin.

After finishing the presentation, back on the way home to NJ state, the German Salesman and his partner decided that this is a homework now, we have to work on.
That was month later the start of NASSAU WHISKY, Handcrafted straight Single Malt, manufactured in on old German Destillerie, which was founded in 1878 and brought in 1977 the first German Single Malt on the market.

And by the way, the last name of this salesman from Germany was the in USA well known name NASSAU

NASSAU SINGLE MALT German Whisky is Handcrafted and manufactured in an old German Destillerie & Brennerei „Heinrich Habbel“ wich was founded in 1878.

With NASSAU SINGLE MALT German Whisky the Destillerie „Heinrich Habbel“ keeps on the tradition in manufacturing handcrafted Single Malt WHISKY with great attention to detail and taste.

In 1977 Mr. Habel launched the Brand „Uralter Whisky“ which is still the oldest Whiskeys in Germany. This Whisky was awarded several times on the best international Shows!

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